Career Profile

Hi, my name is Mateus and I like to code! I have a passion for building software with quality and creative solutions for who will use and maintain. TDD and Clean Code as essential skills in my day to day. Currently I'm working at Impero having fun working with Rust.

Main Experiences

Rust Software Engineer

Impero, Denmark - Remote from Berlin

I'm working as a Full-Stack Developer helping a C# web application to be migrated to Rust. The tasks that I've been working until now are related to writing new endpoints (using Rocket and Diesel as our solid base). Helping a bit in the frontend where we use ReactJS and TypeScript. And last, but not least, I also help the team with the dev-ops workload.

Software Engineer

Fresh Energy, Berlin, Germany

A java spring-boot web application where previously 3 different teams worked and now with the mission to make it properly and scale: we are changing the way that CI/CD was being done and splitting properly the services that could be in different applications and providing the proper infrastructure for it. I try to make a difference bringing awareness about clean code and testing, improving the quality of the code in order to reduce the time that is spent trying to understand pieces of code before change it. I’m always “bothering” the Product Owner to give us time to automate tasks (in any level of the development process) that already was repeated three times.

Consultant Developer

Thoughtworks, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

I worked at ThoughtWorks as a consultant developer in different projects with different flavours. These projects involved the creation of dashboards and APIs as microservices to make reusable when creating new products. One of the roles that I played in the last one was to bring new practices and advocate for quality, bringing awareness about the subject for other members. Another cool project was a content manager for a news site where the privacy and security in all aspects were considered as our first citizen.

Software Engineer

2013 - 2014
FITec, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

I acted as a Software Engineer participating in a distributed team in 3 countries to migrate an existing software, that deals with video processing, to become a service using AWS. We also create one web application to this system with a lot of new features.

Mixed Roles

2008 - 2012
Formiga, Brazil

In my first year of the graduation, I gave basics computing class for children in my neighbourhood. After this, I had my first experience with Java, migrating a robust algorithm from Fortran to Java. In the third year, I worked as an intern in my college's computing sector, helping them to build a system in java for the students. And then in the last year, my first full-time job working with Perl in a system for issuing invoices and also helping to build an ERP using Java.


Recently I'm getting more involved with the community and sharing knowledge:
  • Small participation in open-source projects
  • Writing in my personal blog:

Skills & Proficiency

Rust's web-dev stack

Java's actual tech stack

Continuous Integration

Continuous Delivery

Applications architecture

TDD and Automated Tests

Agile Mentality





DevOps (AWS, Containers, Pipelines and Infrastructure as Code)